Farewell, “Fame”

Farewell, my friend. You had been one of my most beloved dogs and true friends over years.

I still remember days when you were young and I was still mostly home. A fine looking white dog you were. Yes, your sister, who gone before you, was there too. Maybe it’s good for you to see her again, huh? You miss her, don’t you?

Or will you miss me? I remember days after days, months after months, and years after years, you were among those who waited for me to get home. You were among those who were the happiest just hearing the engine noise from my car coming near the house.

Those were the days that had gone by. You don’t have to wait for me anymore, you can always come to me whenever you want to.

As with my other friends who passed away before you, you will always be remembered. There’s always a place right there, right here, for you.

Farewell, Fame, a great friend you were. Rest in Peace.

(Sorry I couldn’t find a better picture of you right off my harddrive now. You looked much better than the picture. I will find better one and repost it later.)