Note to self: Project Planning

Note for myself:

  • Next time my developers say “X months” for developing any project, I will say “2X months” to the customers. So my developers will have time to talk to each other more and spending time developing relationship through playing games and doing all other activities with each other.
  • Next time my developers say “X weeks”, I will say “X weeks + 2X days”. My developers love to think of weekend and holidays as ‘working days’ which is simply wrong and give no breathing window if anything goes wrong.
  • I will train all the newcomers myself, like I once did to my current team of developers. Never again asking any of my developers doing it.
  • I have to beg my developers to remember: The opposite of playing isn’t working. It’s depression.
  • Never let any developer working alone again.
  • Don’t promote my top developer to do management work. Myself included. Why? I still believe I’m one of the finest developer in my office, and if I’m doing project management work; my team looses one good developer and get one bad manager.
  • Be more sensitive to small personal details. It ruins things.