Dilemma (is it?)

What would you do if you face 2 choices. You have to decide where you really belongs, where you really have to be, or where you really want to be.

  • With people who alienated you, make you feel like a stranger, and all the feeling you have is ‘not belonging’.
  • With people who make you feel wanted, proud, like you’re the last jigsaw of his/her/their life that they had been searching for a long time.

It doesn’t seem a very tough choice to make.

One thing I know and learned after a long journey in my life: no one loves me like I do love myself.

So, for a choice, I made mine. I am staying with ones who don’t alienate me, don’t make me feel like a stranger, or make me feel not belonging. I am staying with ones who make me proud of what I do, of what I am. I am staying with ones who make me feel loved.

And if you were me, which one will you choose, regardless of ‘what each group actually is’?

I don’t think it is a difficult choice to make at all. So it’s not much of a dilemma isn’t it?