Dilemma …. again

Sometime you have to make a decision, which can’t be right yet can’t be wrong. You have to weight what you value most, which sometime everything seems equal.

Every decision you can make once and only once. The day you’re making it cannot be returned. Once made, it will forever alter the route of your life.

Sometime the smartest decision is also the most stupid one.

Close your eyes, imagine both course of your life on both side of the fence. However, you can’t be too certain whether your imagination is true or not. You can be too optimistic and can be too skeptic. Can you be both at the same time?

“Yes or No?” … or is it “Yes and No?”

Sometime what you want the most is not what you want the most. How could that be?

Are you ready for that decision? If so, which would you take?

Myself, can you hear me?