My Leica Story #1: The M8 (English version)

[Note] This is a long-overdue, paragraph-by-paragraph English translation of the Thai version that I posted on September 24th, 2013.

This series of articles is not “review” but rather the “story” of me with Leica, from M8 onward. Originally, it was intended to be 3-parts, M8, M9 and M240, then translate to English. However, since I became so busy with other things after that, the translation was put indefinitely on hold. Recently, since my acquisition of the M10, many readers asked me to write about it. So I thought it is a great time to get back to write about cameras and photography in general. I’d start with the long-overdue translation first. So, M10, you have to wait.

So, let’s begin with the camera that started it all: The M8


My Leica M8 — taken from what used to be the best compact camera in the world

Again, this is not a review but rather the story. So if you expect professional review or technical test, you might be disappointed. You’d been warned ;-)

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